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1479. Catfight

Amelia Knudsen is the daughter of a wealthy Danish shipping magnate. Miss Amelia Knudsen was passionately in love with a Belgian millionaire, Baron Janssens-Peeters. She was desperate never to lose him.

To ensure the Baron would stick to her through thick and thin, Amelia Knudson hired the services of Madame de Argentia Futur. Madame de Argentia Futur, a Parisian fortune-teller, gave Amelia powders and pills to ensure that the millionaire would marry her. It was $1,000 a pop. Amelia also had to daily chant an ancient Romany mantra. Amelia visited Madame de Argentia Futur fourteen times. In between pills she had travelled with Baron Janssens-Peeters to Hawaii, Tahiti, and other tropical spots.

Currently, Miss Amelia Knudsen is suing Madame de Argentia Futur for $500,000. Miss Amelia and the Baron were in Morocco when the Baron dumped her.

“I never loved Miss Knudsen,” said the Baron. “I viewed her more as a piece of luggage; baggage really; a fancy little suit-case to pleasurably unlock at the end of a journey.”

So much for Madame de Argentia Futur’s pills and potions. The judge is taking the court proceedings as slowly as possible. He is so enjoying the catfight.