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1799. A full set of teeth

Bruno had lost most of his teeth. It wasn’t because he’d lost them in a fight or anything. Nor had he lost them through lack of care. He had two top teeth right in the front and very little else in his gums. When he smiled he looked like a rabbit; or at least a caricature of a rabbit.

He had brushed his teeth throughout life, and he had been to the dentist when it was deemed absolutely necessary. But his teeth had decided to go on the move and migrated into a bunch. The specialist pulled most of them out to make room and said “You need dentures”.

Getting dentures was easier said than done. They cost money, which Bruno didn’t have. And then he met Bianca. She was as rich as hell. She laughed at Bruno and called him “My little bunny rabbit.” He didn’t mind because they were in love and she paid for his dentures.

That was years ago. They divorced after a few months. Bianca claimed in court that Bruno married her only to get expensive dentures. The judge would have none of it. These days Bruno lives off the interest in the divorce settlement. He met Patsy-Lee on a recent Mediterranean island cruise. She fell in love with his smile.

Poem 58: There is no guile in your smile

There is no guile in your smile
Your eyes portray your love
No trace of malice on your face
Your voice a soft-songed dove

There is no guile in your smile
Your arms are all encasing
Your warmth as if a summer’s day
Your love is all embracing

There is no guile in your smile
Your giggle, tinkling bells
Your touch as tender as the breeze
Your movement…


There is no guile in your smile
As you plunge a carving knife ruthlessly into my chest.

THAT, I hear you say, is for not meaning a word of it.

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924. The smile


David judged people by their teeth. He was a dentist after all. There could be coffee stains, or cavities from too much sugar, or plaque from lack of care. There was so much that could be told about a person just by looking at their teeth.

David was young, keen, vibrant, eager after his recent graduation as a dentist to climb up the othodontical ladder. Tooth decay, root canals, gum disease, crowns, were all part of…

And then he saw her! Just across the room! Long straight shining black hair. A face carved from the whitest marble! The most beautiful of eyes! He’d never seen a creature so wondrous. Their eyes met…

…and then she smiled.

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692. The smile


Marwen Werethiel smiled. It was one of those mysterious, sad smiles. It melted Garion’s heart.

“What would you most hate?” asked Marwen. “Deafness or blindness?”

“I would hate to be blind,” said Garion.

“Your choice,” she said.

She plucked out his eyes. Her smile was the last thing he saw. He heard her laughter. He heard his screams.

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