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2430.  Share and share alike

Gilbert and Harley were next door neighbours. Both lived alone without close family. Both were retired. Over the years Gilbert – who never married – had built up a cosy little retirement nest-egg. On the other hand, divorce had milked Harley of half his retirement gains and he was living hand to mouth.

Gilbert came up with a plan. Why don’t we share costs? The cost of power, and internet, and phone. The cost of groceries. The cost of rent or rates. Gilbert had plenty to tie both over. The small amount of money that came in for Harley in his pension wasn’t enough to live on, but it would create a lovely monthly bonus for each to split in half and spend it on themselves however they wanted.

In the first month Gilbert bought himself a much needed replacement for his toaster. Harley bought himself a wheelbarrow for the garden. It was a great system! It worked well for five years.

And then Gilbert – the one with the money – suddenly died.  A distant third cousin twice removed claimed the inheritance.