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2260. What a schemozzles!

What a schemozzles! All that Olaf wanted to do for his school essay was to begin with “What a schemozzles!” The computer spell-checker put a wiggly red line underneath the word. A right click on the mouse didn’t offer any suggestions; it simply said “Do you want to add this to the dictionary?” All that Olaf wanted was to know how to spell it. What a schemozzles!

A search online offered alternative spellings: chemozzles, chermozzles, chimozzles, schemozzles, schimozzles, schmozzles, shamozzles, shimozzels, shimozzles, shlemozels, and shlemozzles. In the end Olaf used “schlemozzles”.

The teacher put a red line through it with “sp” in the margin to denote a spelling error. So what was the right spelling? “Sp” in the margin was a fat lot of use.

As far as Olaf was concerned the teacher was a schlemiel. Or should that be schlemihl or schlemiel? A schmuck anyway. Or was that shmuck or shmuk? A schlimazel?

What a schmendrickous schemozzles.