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2112. Just a bus ride away

It was a sad day for Hilda and Murphy. They had been married for eleven years and things hadn’t worked out very well. It’s not that they argued; it was more that they had nothing to say and the silence was stressful. More and more stressful. In the end they did talk, and with mild enthusiasm – they would go their separate ways. The decision brought both sadness and relief. There were no children; not that they hadn’t tried. This was liberation of sorts.

Hilda booked a bus to a neighbouring town. In fact, it was the town where she worked. She had rented a small cottage. Murphy would stay where they had been.

Well, Murphy shopped around and bought a big box of chocolates as a sort of farewell gift. Hilda loved chocolates. She didn’t realize that chocolates could come in such a big box!

What a dismal failure. Off Hilda went, chocolates and all. Not a month had passed before she went back to the original house. She had brought the chocolates with her – unopened.

They opened them.

There was much to tell.

No one could shut them up.