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1335. Seller of parakeets

Adeltha bred parakeets. She would sell them on line and make a pretty penny or two. In fact, Adeltha was far more successful at selling parakeets than all the other parakeet sellers put together.

“How do you do it?” they asked of Adeltha at the Pan American Parakeet Association’s Annual Ball.

“I simply place an advertisement online and people buy,” said Adeltha.

“We never see your advertisement,” answered a disgruntled parakeet breeder.

“Here’s one,” said Adeltha, showing an advertisement on her cell phone.


“That’s not how you spell ‘Parakeet’,” said another irked parakeet breeder.

But Adeltha had cornered the market. She clearly sold only to those who did online searches and couldn’t spell.

Which is most of the world.