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2652. Fabulous new car

Darren thought his brand new car was absolutely fantastic. All the other cars he had owned in the past were really old-fashioned compared to the features his new car had. For example, it had a little screen on the dashboard that showed a video of what was behind the car as he back-backed.

The first thing he did after buying the car was to drive to the centre of town and park right outside the busiest shop. Hopefully his girlfriend would spot the car and go all gooey with admiration.

She never showed up, so Darren backed out of his angle-parking space using his wonderful screen on the dashboard. Being on an angle he didn’t see the big logging truck roaring down the road because it was roaring down the road not behind him but on the side.

Dear Reader, you might well feel bad for Darren losing his fabulous car so soon after purchasing it. Fret not. He was killed.