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2377. Decipherable runes

It had been more than two hundred years since the ancient stone with hieroglyphics had been found in a potato field several miles north of Scotland’s Glasgow. No one had been able to decipher the writing; clearly there were some sort of engraved runes, but it was totally different from any known written communication. In fact, it was so different that some had seriously postulated that the runic rock had been left behind by visiting aliens from another planet.

Certainly, according to rockologists who knew these things, the writing was at least three thousand years old. What ancient peoples had left behind such an artefact? And what was the statement of wisdom enshrined upon the boulder?

The late Professor Tristram Hinckenberg had devoted his entire intellectual life to the untangling of the runic mystery. All to no avail, although he had published several books on the matter. His place was taken in the investigation by a rising linguistic star, Professor Sally Brown. She was having little luck. And then a miracle happened!

Another stone was found not far from where the original had been discovered. On it (not unlike the famous Rosetta Stone) was an edict in Ancient Greek as well as what was presumed to be the same edict in the runic characters. This was a godsend to Professor Sally Brown. She was able to decipher the words. It read: