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984. Sunlight on a sign


Lydia was returning from an early morning shopping spree. To get back home she had to drive across a railway line. How lovely the sunshine of the morning! How bright the promise of the day!

As she neared the railway line, the sun caught on the sign that warned of the approaching rail crossing.

“Wouldn’t it be funny,” thought Lydia, “if this was a warning. Sunshine on the railway crossing sign almost blinding, and perhaps heralding (like a prophecy from above) that I am to be hit by a passing train! Oh the inevitability of fate! The railway sign is highlighted for a reason! I must be extra careful as I cross!”

The reflected sunlight streamed straight into her eyes. WHAM-BANG! Lydia went into the back of the car in front of her.

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886. Dead body


Justin lived in the country. He had to go into town in his old truck to pick up some corn mash for his chickens. He got held up at the Farmers Co-op where he bought the chicken food, because he bumped into an old friend from way back and they got talking. So now Justin was running late. He was in a bit of a hurry to get home because he had to feed his three dogs.

He had just driven up a winding hill road and was about to descend when he saw it. There was a body lying on the road. It was a lonely bit of road; maybe one or two cars a day came by. Perhaps the body had been hit by a car or something. Anyway, Justin drove on. He didn’t have time to stop. He had to get home and feed his dogs.

He felt guilty. He should’ve stopped. What a waste. Several miles down the road, Justin came to a halt in his old truck and turned around. He couldn’t leave the body on the road, for goodness sake.

When he reached the place, the body was still lying there. Justin picked it up and threw it onto the back of his truck. Dead rabbit was always a treat for his dogs.

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808. Flowering Cherry Lane


Cain and Elliott bought a house together on a little no-exit road. The road was lined with flowering cherries, and was called Flowering Cherry Lane. Cain and Elliott called their new home Blossom Cottage. In Spring the road was a picture.

There were only three houses on the road. It was practically deserted. About two cars a day, from the homes, used the road. The cherry trees growing along the verge of the road, apart from providing beauty, gave Blossom Cottage a great deal of privacy.

But – oh! my goodness! – how dangerous! Someone had written to the newspaper and complained. They had gone for a walk and happened upon Flowering Cherry Lane. There was no foot-path! No pavement! No sidewalk! How dangerous is that? They had to walk along the side of the road.

The serious issue was solved. The Town Council had the cherry trees chopped down. A digger uprooted the unsightly stumps. A footpath was created.

Thank goodness common sense and safety prevailed over… over…

…prevailed over… over…


Flowering Cherry Lane! Such a pretty name for such a dull, no-exit street.

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73. Drive carefully, dear


Drive a bit more carefully, dear. Last year more people were killed on this section of road, than on any other bit of road in the country.

There are so many intersections and blind corners. You’d think they would have done something about it by now. Eleven people died apparently. Most in separate accidents.

WATCH THE CORNER, DEAR! Goodness! That was a bit sharp, wasn’t it?

Peggy was telling me that young Lance has the measles. German measles. It’s something everyone has to go through. That and the mumps. And chicken pox. Not so fast, dear. Look at that mad driver.

So she’s had to take time off work to look after Lance. Peggy, that is.

Do you think we… Look at that mad… IDIOT! STUPID IDIOT! Then there’s whooping cough. That seems to be making a comeback.

Do you think we should stop at the next town and pick up a few beef sausages for dinner? I hate arriving home to an empty