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2611. The seven deadly sins

It came as a big shock to Andy to discover when he died that he had been reincarnated seven times as a human and each time had been an enormous flop. Each reincarnation had witnessed the scene of unmitigated immorality. Not one had been the same; in fact he had each time fulfilled the requirements for one of the seven deadly sins. In turn he had experienced pride, greed, wrath, envy, lust, gluttony, and sloth.

“If I get reincarnated again,” joked Andy, “there are no further deadly sins to experience. I guess I’ll just have to be good. I am determined to live a saintly life this time.”

Whoosh!! He was reincarnated. He was the best mosquito in the swamp.

1440. Reincarnated

Fenwick had always believed in reincarnation. He wanted to come back as a hawk.

Imagine that, floating high in the sky, swirling about, covering huge distances with barely a flap of a wing. And so agile in the air!

And he did! He returned as a hawk! During his first flight he got shot. Dead.