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1789. Sasha’s collection

Sasha had collected quite a large number of dolls over the years. It began when she was in Fiji – as a tourist. She wanted to purchase something as a memento and the doll of a Fijian woman in traditional costume was the perfect reminder of a wonderful trip.

The following year Sasha and her husband visited Austria. An Austrian doll was the perfect souvenir. The next year it was Peru. Then Jamaica.

“I didn’t realize we’d been to so many countries,” remarked Sasha one day. “So far I’ve collected seventeen dolls from our trips overseas.”

But then things started to get a little loose. At the local market Sasha spied the most beautiful doll in a Moroccan outfit. It was perfect for her collection, even though she hadn’t been to Morocco. The collection built up quickly after that, and last count Sasha had over two hundred dolls. For her forty-seventh birthday, Sasha’s husband laid out the plans to build a room extension to the house. It would have lots of shelves and be perfect for a doll collection. And indeed it was!

By her fifty-eighth birthday Sasha had lost interest in the dolls. She had taken up quilting and with the removal of the shelves from the house’s extension it was the perfect size for a quilting room. Next time they travelled Sasha went from one quilting place to another.

And then she saw it! She just had to have it. It was in a quilting shop in Hong Kong. A small brass duck. It would be an admirable memento of their visit. Ornamental ducks would be the perfect things to collect.

408. Adele slogged away


Adele slogged away at her blog for yonks. Most days she posted a pic of herself doing something, or maybe a photograph of a flower, or a picture of a quilt she’d made. Sometimes she wrote a poem and sometimes just random thoughts about her life.

There was no one ever ever ever read or saw it. But she kept doing it like it was a compulsion.

Then one day, she clicked the like button on her own page. She got an almost instant email. “Congratulations. You liked you own blog.”

Adele was over the moon. Kinda fun. Nothing wrong with liking yourself.

That was it. After that, she never wrote another damn thing, but put all her extra time into quilting. She was good at that.

Someone said, why don’t you drag yourself away from that old-fashioned quilting shit and get a life and start blogging like everyone else in this modern age, ya plonker?

She said, a pig is as good as a poke, so get stuffed, and went on sewing.

Good on ya, Adele. Her last quilt sold for six and a half thousand. That’s six and a half thousand more than most bloggers make in a lifetime.

“I’ve done that now,” said Adele. “Time to move on. I think I might take up singing. All I need is a stage name. Not my own name, but one that will sell.”