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1893. Daily shower

Judy rather proudly proclaimed in her stringent voice (it was actually a private conversation but she spoke loud enough for everyone to hear because she was so pleased with herself) that her golden retriever puppy had learnt to open the bathroom door and then open the shower door and get into the shower.

“Right when I’m having a shower,” she said. “Right when I’ve shampooed my hair and have my eyes shut. The first time I got a huge fright, but I’m used to it now. Such a clever puppy! Intelligent! He loves playing in water. And then by the time I’ve rinsed the shampoo out of my hair and opened my eyes, the puppy’s gone. But he always turns the light on. Isn’t that clever?”

“I thought you were going to say it was the fancy man that visits your house every day around that time,” said Ivan.

“What fancy man?”

Of course, Ivan was making it up, but he hated show-offs.

1213. Merran’s little Shih Tzu

Merran loved her little Shih Tzu. Throughout her life she had always had a little dog, but Lan Dong was her favourite canine of all time. Merran always stood in her kitchen to have her breakfast. It was usually just a slice of toast with butter and honey, always made meticulously after she had taken her heart pills and downed a large glass of water. If she dropped some toast crumbs on the kitchen floor, Lan Dong would instantly snaffle them up.

“You’re a regular little vacuum cleaner,” Merran would say. “Who needs a broom when Lan Dong is about?”

Anyway, on this particular day, as she was taking her medication, Merran accidently dropped her open bottle of heart pills.

Music 5: A bench, a dog, a geranium


Well, why not? A bench, a dog, a geranium. Sitting at the feet of its master who has gone.

The music is perhaps equally surrealish; it doesn’t have much to do with the photo. The tune is based on the Sanctus from the Plain Chant Requiem Mass. It’s possibly the oldest preserved tune in Western culture.

In a bizarre sort of way I like the photo and the music together!

Listen to the music HERE.

Music 3: Sleeping puppy


I had a little puppy called Sedona. When I left Quebec, rather quickly because my mother was dying in New Zealand, I advertised “Free to a Good Home” in the local paper.

A woman came and picked her up. She phoned that evening to say they had been playing in the back yard in the snow. The puppy seemed happy with her new home!

I often wonder how Sedona’s doing, and if she’s alright.

Of course she is!

Listen to the music HERE.