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1039. A good reason to skip breakfast

It was breakfast time. The table was set, and quite frankly Marmaduke, the person having breakfast, was fed up.

“I’m sick of your weak yolks,” Marmaduke said to the Brown Egg.

“I agree,” said the Cornflakes. “We are not a muesli.”

“No need to milk it,” said the Muesli.

“Don’t egg him on,” said the Milk.

“It’s hard to take any of you cerealously,” said the Brown Egg.

“Don’t be so harsh, Brown,” said the Butter.

“Spread out!” chorused the cereals. “We would like to make a toast: to this happy brunch!”

“To this merry brunch of simple yolks!” said one and all.

Marmaduke left in disgust. In future he’d skip breakfast.