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859. The Pony Club Sandwich


Connie’s mother was a nasty piece of work, but a fabulous cook. She detested the fact that her estranged husband, Connie’s father, had given Connie a pony for Christmas. And now the field, where she used to keep one or two goats (for catering purposes), was used entirely to feed the pony.

Nonetheless, Connie’s mother accepted the invitation to cater for the local Pony Club’s Annual Feast. It paid well. Connie’s mother did it for the money, which was more than satisfactory.
At the feast, Connie was able to advertise. Has anyone seen my missing pony? It disappeared about a week ago.

The sadness of the occasion was made up for by the catering. The hamburgers were especially delicious. The hamburger was designed especially for the occasion. Connie’s mother called it The Pony Club Sandwich.

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