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2426.  Putty

Juniper Crappe had a terrible disability. It was a rare complaint. In fact it was so rare that specialists wondered if she was the only one in the world with the disease. Yes, it was classified as a disease. They called it Crappe’s Disease.

The thing was, everything Juniper touched became as soft as a peeled banana. She would pick up a book and her fingers would go through it like a squelchy mess. If she picked up a knife and fork to eat, it was as if the metal was made of plasticine. Door handles disintegrated into squishy disarray when she touched them.

The real problem for specialists was that they had no idea what caused it. Even to shake Juniper’s hand by way of a greeting was like putting ones hand in a jug of cold custard. Fortunately, her being fed with a spoon was successful; at least for a time. Her mouth was not like her hands; things softened only when touched by her hands. Gradually however, as the specialists predicted, things worsened. Juniper couldn’t even touch her face without her fingers feeling naked bone.

If anyone knows of anyone else who might have Crappe’s Disease, or knows of a possible cure, Juniper would be extremely grateful. Or she would be if she was still alive.