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610. Two plus two

© Bruce Goodman 12 June 2015


Augustus’s real name was in fact Augustus although people called him Gus. Well, some people called him Gus; other people called him Rollie, short for Roland.

It all came to a head when Gus’s wife met Rollie’s wife. Yeah, there was hell to pay. The same guy was married to two women.

The thing was, Rollie ran a successful carrier business, and it was Gus who stole the truck in the first place to get the business started. If ever there was a complicated bit of conniving this was it.

Or so, once discovered, everyone thought.

But it gets worse. Gus’s wife, Sonora, known as Sunny, was in fact also called (by some people) Juliette; Julie for short. Julie was Rollie’s wife.

To sum up: Gus and Rollie, the same person, were both married to the same person, namely Sunny and Julie.

But that’s not all. Julie was a cross-dresser, which wouldn’t rule out the possibility that Gus was actually married to himself. Twice. And also …

Excuse me just a mo, my phone’s ringing. I’d better answer it …

… Yeah, that was my shrink. She wants to see me. I’ll finish this later.