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2096. Hobbies

When Englebert retired he was looking forward to doing what he’d always wanted to do, and that was to learn to make bread. For forty years he had slaved away as a proctologist, and a very good proctologist he was. Now it was time to put such things aside, don the baker’s hat, and learn to make bread.

His wife was a qualified gastroenterologist, and that was how they had met. Glennis had retired two years earlier than Englebert, and had taken up pastry making. She was very good at it. In fact, Englebert blamed her pastry success as being the cause of his growing rotundity.

Englebert’s first attempt at bread was disastrously inedible. Further attempts were described by wife Glennis as being the perfect vehicle for enjoying the taste of melted butter.

These days Englebert has become an expert at growing ranunculus in pots. Englebert is thinking of branching out and growing a greater variety. Already the number of pots on the patio has become a little disturbing. And on the porch. And in the living room. What he needs is a green house.

Quite frankly, Glennis wished he’d just stuck to bread making.

960. Maisie’s filo pastry


Making pastry wasn’t Maisie’s thing. She always bought her pastry. Making filo pastry was particularly troublesome. She rarely used it, but she got some for the freezer because she was having guests.

The big thing was to keep the pastry sheets from quickly drying out. Once unrolled they should be covered with a damp cloth.

Maisie had planned the loveliest menu for her guests. She had prepared the ground meat cooked with homemade sauces and spices. That took all morning. Then all afternoon was preparing three different sauce dips.

All that was required once the guests arrived was to quickly roll the meat into a thrice-layered square of filo pastry, brush it with melted butter, and throw it into the oven.

The guests arrived. What a gracious host Maisie was! She excused herself and went to the kitchen for the final sequence of her wondrous concoction. She took the filo pastry out of the freezer.


Maisie hadn’t.

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