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Call for suggestions

Hello Everyone

Once again the well has run dry, so as at an earlier time I’m calling for suggestions for opening sentences. They shall be used in the order they arrive – one per day, starting hopefully in a day or two.

Please suggest only one opening sentence each! Such is the popularity of this blog. Yeah, right!

Type your opening sentence in the comments below. The Suggestion Box will close on the 24th of this month otherwise it trails on forever and (as happened last time) people end up waiting several months for their opening sentence to make an appearance. Many thanks to all who offered starter suggestions. The suggestion box is now closed!

In the meantime, have a happy day! Thanks.


Yesterday I said I would give the occasional update on my garden! Well, I’ve just made 4 bean fences – for beans, peas, vine spinach, sweet peas, and my all time favourite – moonflowers!

Here is a photo: