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1474. Nibbles

I’d like to thank Gladys Styvenberg for initiating the weekly exercise class for us oldies. We had the first of the weekly sessions this morning, taken by Anita Bromich. Anita is wonderful. She understands that us oldies can’t exactly do star jumps at our age, but she takes us through exercising the bits of us that are still functional! Wonderful! I felt quite uplifted after the session was over, although a little puffed. It is going to do all of us good, and I have no doubt it will prolong our well-being and happiness.

Of course, it’s also the sense of community that such a thing instils. We’re all in the same boat together; all waving our arms in the air at the same time! And trying to keep in time to the music! In fact, I became a little giggly; it was so enjoyable as well as being healthy and challenging.

I’d also like to thank Mary Bradsbury for the wonderful chocolate cake she shared with all of us at the close of the session along with the cup of tea or coffee. And Colleen McCumiskey’s irresistible pastries! Colleen’s pastries are always popular at gatherings. I brought along some water chestnuts wrapped in bacon. They’re always a treat.

So thank you once again Gladys and Anita for settling us firmly on the road to a healthier community-driven lifestyle. Now to work out what nibbles to take next week.