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951. A nun’s story


Listen children. In Rome, in one of the many beautiful churches there, in a golden box, there’s a little white feather. That feather fell off the wings of the Archangel Gabriel when he appeared to the Virgin Mary to announce the Incarnation.

Christians have venerated the feather for centuries. Quite recently a terrible man, an atheistic scientist, got hold of the feather and did a DNA test on it. He wanted to prove it was a feather off a chicken.

Well children, do you know what happened? It wasn’t a chicken’s DNA in the feather at all; it was the feather off a Brazilian duck. How the feather got there was anyone’s guess.

The terrible atheist was about to announce this when a gust of wind caught the feather he was holding in his hand and blew it back into the golden box. Then the horrible atheist dropped dead. It was a miracle!

325. Does one not hear the Bells of St Mary’s?


Shona had always wanted to be a nun; ever since she watched a program on tele about nuns working in the slums of Bolivia.

“You’re not even catholic,” said her mother, rather relieved at the cancellation of the possibility of having a daughter who might not produce lots of grandchildren.

“What’s catholic?” asked Shona.

Anyway, that was years ago. How the world turns! These days, Shona is shacked up with her druggy boyfriend in a luxury New York apartment. Shona’s mother’s been a widow for years. She’s lots of grandchildren from her other kids. You can catch her in a downtrodden backwater-suburb of New Orleans. She’s the head nun down there.