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444. Ellen does the ironing


Ellen got out the iron. She always got a little pensive when she got out the iron. Who needed to iron these days anyway? But she found it therapeutic. It was a good way for her to put her thoughts together.

It was only a few days before the New Year. Everyone was out. Her husband had taken the youngest boy, Seth, to see the New Zealand Rugby team trounce the British and Irish Lions. Giles, the oldest, had gone to watch New Zealand defeat India in the field hockey. Edith had gone with friends to watch New Zealand conquer Australia at the netball. Zach had been gone all day, having watched New Zealand rout South Africa in the cricket.

So, Ellen was alone at home. And ironing.

She wondered what the New Year would bring. What family joys? What family sadnesses? Their little pains. Their hopes. She prayed that all would be safe this coming year.

And then there were world events. What would that bring as well?

The ironing was finished. All came home. Safely.

The clock ticked.

83. Drop the Cockle


It was New Year’s Day. Crystal-Rose sat on a log at the beach and stared out to sea.

“Why make New Year’s resolutions?” she thought. “They’re impossible. I always fail.”

Suddenly, a seagull swooped down to the sand near her and gathered a cockle in its beak. The bird flew high, dropped the cockle, then swooped down and gathered it again. It was trying to break it open.

Swoop down. Gather the cockle. Swoop high. Drop the cockle.
Swoop down. Gather the cockle. Swoop high. Drop the cockle.

Crystal-Rose watched until it had almost disappeared out of sight. It was miles down the beach.

“I wonder if it can ever break it open?” thought Crystal-Rose. “But in trying to break it, look at the progress it has made! What a wondrous distance has been covered!”

Why make New Year’s resolutions? They’re impossible. I always fail.

But maybe, in trying, some distance will be covered.