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1224. Testosterone

It was Fredericka’s first year of teaching at a High School. In fact, it was her first day. The principal had told her to “dress modestly”. Dress modestly! What an old-fashioned concept! What an old-fashioned expression! She would dress tastefully! Fashionably! Appropriately!

Fredericka chose to wear a loose white blouse with the top buttons undone. It was, after all, still hot from the dying summer. And she chose a “modest” brown skirt with a slit up to the lower thigh that was both cooling and feminine.

Well! The testosterone in the class of sixteen year old boys! Fredericka could smell it. It was overbearing.

“Boys! Boys! Open the windows! It’s stuffy in here!”

The excitement when Fredericka reached up to open a high window.

“Boys! Boys! Let us have less tomfoolery!”

That did it. That took the cake. Fredericka would not change the way she dressed. She wouldn’t change because of a classroom of chauvinistic sex-ridden boys. It’s the boys that needed to change. They needed to learn to produce less testosterone. Tomorrow she would begin such a lesson. She would wear the shortest skirt she could find, and God help any boy who misbehaved.

862. Swimming in their new country


Basma and her husband, Tareq, were moving to another country. How wonderful! Praise God!

Basma and her husband, Tareq, were strict followers of their religion. They were open to a little leeway culturally. Their two daughters, Fatima and Yasmin, would go to the secular school in their new country.

And look! They even went to the beach and let their daughters go swimming! It’s what was done in their new country! Not that they wore half-naked swimming garb, of course, like those secular sinful people. Modesty was called for. Their daughters would swim fully clothed.

And they did! The wet clothes were heavy. The daughters drowned in a tidal rip.

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