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1415. Humdrumery

Astra was born in Latvia and in her twenties had emigrated. She did it on her own. Her parents had passed on and her only sibling, a sister, had married rich and was living a life of luxury disinterested and somewhere else.

Changing countries for Astra was both a risk and an adventure. Who knew what was around the corner? Who knew what stranger might suddenly transform her life? The world was her oyster!

Astra quickly found a job. After all, she was fluent in a number of languages. Her job paid well. She lived comfortably.

She never met Mr Right. She lived on her own. She didn’t know how to make friends in a foreign country. She thought the locals weren’t too keen to hang out with foreigners.

When she died in early old age a couple of people came to her funeral. None of them were sad. They knew her vaguely from work.

Her lively adventure had in fact been ho-hum, humdrum, mediocre, you know, sort of neither here nor there.