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2056. Creamed corn

Andrew was not a great fan of creamed corn. He found it too sweet. He didn’t mind shucking the corn and de-kernelling it. Then it was the simplest thing for his mother to make. But as for eating it… Goodness! Andrew thought it would be easier to eat a bowl of raw sugar.

His mother served the creamed corn as a side dish and Andrew had a spoonful to be polite because his mother had gone to a bit of trouble, both in growing the corn in the garden in the first place and cooking the creamed corn.  But sweet! Andrew always felt a bit sick.

Sometimes his mother would make corn fritters with the creamed corn and sometimes she would bake a dish of it with grated cheese on the top. She was so proud of her corn in the corn season and corn was served one way or another at almost every meal.

Things got so bad that Andrew began to wonder if he hadn’t developed an allergy. When he had a date with Angelina he would pass on mother’s corn before going out. He was very much in love with Angelina. He knew she was to be the one for life! He didn’t want to spew his mother’s corn all over the seat of the car. Tonight Angelina had invited Andrew for the evening meal. She wanted to show off her culinary skills! And guess what they had?

“The secret of making irresistible cream corn,” said Angelina upon enthusiastically placing dinner on the table, “the secret is to put several heaped spoonfuls of sugar in the mixture. It makes it much much sweeter.”

Angelina’s creamed corn was ten times sweeter and sicklier than Andrew’s mother made. Andrew loved it. In fact he had a second helping.

760. In a field of maize


The three young guys thought they’d take a shortcut through Old Jimmy McDonald’s maize field. The three had been friends since they started school way back. Now they were in their teens. Old Jimmy McDonald was a garrulous old bastard. He didn’t let anyone near his property.

It was a mad thing to take a shortcut through Old Jimmy McDonald’s maize field.

“He can’t see us,” said Ned. “The corn’s too high.”

“Let’s do it!” said Joe.

“Let’s go!” said Dan.

Through they went, stealthily so as not to move the tall maize too much. Suddenly a gunshot sounded. They took off. They ran like hell. They didn’t squash the maize too much but they escaped. Phew! They were safe! Safe on the far side!

“Where’s Dan?” said Joe.

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