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2340. Lucky photo

I was so glad I had my phone with me. I was walking quietly along the beach and this woman was letting her toddler paddle in the ripples at the shoreline. Suddenly, just as I passed, an orca (also known as a killer whale) appeared from nowhere, grabbed the toddler and went CHOMP!

The mother went into shock and simply stood there saying “My baby! My baby!”

I was so glad I had my phone with me and was able to take a photo. If I hadn’t had such a presence of mind my mates would never have believed me when I told them the story.

I walked further along the beach hoping to catch another attack. There were a few parents taking their toddlers for a paddle but the orca seemed to have been satisfied with just the one. It might be because orcas are known to attack humans only when they are in captivity. All in all it was a bit disappointing really.

2323. Fluke of a lifetime

There was no double that Mrs Bronwyn Madgwick was rich. Everyone knew it. Everyone presumed she had got her fortune from her late husband. In fact it was the other way around.

Out of the blue an advertisement appeared in the local paper, signed Mrs Bronwyn Madgwick. “I have been diagnosed with terminal cancer.  I would very much like to give away my eight acre property and six bedroom house to a person at random. Next Thursday a little bright red car will frequent the streets of the town. The driver will pick someone at random, follow them, and when they arrive at their destination they will be announced the lucky winner. If you wish to take part put a sign on the back window of your vehicle that says I’M IN.”

What a flurry it caused! What a rigmarole! What city streets jam-packed with hopeful drivers! Mrs Myrtle McKenzie declared that “most people would hardly appreciate such an expansive property nor would they need six bedrooms. But I would certainly appreciate it.” Unfortunately she was destined not to win.

Donald Tremain was driving along to get home, when he noticed a little bright red car following him. Donald turned down Woodstock Street and the car followed. He turned down Woodward Avenue and the red car also turned. Only two more turns to make! “This is unbelievable!” thought Donald.

Donald turned down Wicker Lane and the little bright red car followed. Donald drove carefully; not too fast and not too slow. He indicated a right turn into the driveway of his expansive abode. He turned! The little bright red car went straight passed.

2145. Lucky cow

I’ve always thought the number seven was my lucky number. I don’t know why but I suppose it’s because I was born on the seventh of the month. And besides it’s the number of days in a week. Seven! Seven! Seven! What could be luckier?

Then, would you believe, when the farmer gave me an ear tag it was number seven. It was so surreal! So wonderful! I am such a lucky, lucky cow! And to top off the excitement, today we are going in a big truck they say for a picnic. Can my good fortune get more exhilarating than that? It’s to the grounds of a big mansion called Abattoir – it sounds so very French and exotic. Oh this can only be my lucky day!

1927. Bon voyage

Dear Gentle Reader

Here’s your chance to make the world a better place. You are so kind-hearted – I know you are; I know that you desire the sweetest outcomes for people in strife. That is why, in today’s story, when something unfortunate threatens the main character, something will occur that turns everything to good. It is your kindness that dictates this, So-Kindly-a-Reader.

Irene had had a bad week. Her dog had taken ill and she had to pay the astronomical veterinarian’s fees; on the way home her motorcar ran out of gas, and she had to walk for what seemed like miles with the sick dog to get help; her mail delivery service informed her that her mail box was at the wrong height; her kitchen sink seemed to be leaking into the cupboard below; her… Need one, Kindly Reader, go on and on? Why not get to the point and have something nice happen? And indeed we shall!

After having taken the dog to the veterinarian, Irene popped into the supermarket on the way home to get some white vinegar, because she had run out, and while there she bought a ticket in the lottery.

Miracle of miracles! Two days later Irene discovered that she had won millions and millions of dollars. Thank you! Thank you! Thank you Kindly Reader for making such wonderful things happen!

Irene did what she could only dream about. She booked a ticket to sail in luxury to America and back! Who would have thought she would ever afford such a thing? Thank you! Thank you!

Her first few days on the Titanic were fantastic.

1752. A winning day

Don’t ask me how he knew, but he knew alright. Charlie knew that this was his winning day. He didn’t know exactly how, but he knew it deep down in his bones.

He had always been intuitive; like when he knew his brother had passed away before the phone call even came through. Perhaps today he would win a lot of money in the lottery. Or perhaps he’d win the trailer load of groceries that the local Rotary Club had organized; after all he’d taken two tickets in the raffle. Perhaps he had been given the winning voucher from the local electronic supply shop; the promotion had said “Spend $20 and go in the draw to win”. He already knew how he’d spend it; at least how he’d spend part of it. He wanted a rice cooker, and a deep fryer, and a hand held whizzy stick-thing that pureed stuff. Not being sure as to which scenario was going to make his lucky day simply added to the excitement!

And then… as he looked out the window, two cars slowly passed the front of his house. One was a shiny new bright red car. Both drivers slowed down and looked at his house. They stopped just up the road. One of the drivers got out and went to the other driver’s window. They spoke for about five minutes.

During that time, Charlie was beside himself. He’d won a car! He simply knew! There were a number of competitions he’d entered over the previous month to win a car, and at last it had come to fruition. Oh lucky, lucky day!

The two cars were turning around now. They began to slowly approach Charlie’s house. He knew! He knew! Don’t ask me how he knew, but he knew alright. Charlie opened his front door wide as a welcoming gesture. His heart was in his mouth. The cars were moving so slowly. They almost came to a stop. And then they went right passed.

1048. Oh! Lucky day!

There was no doubt that this was Homer Hamlen’s lucky day. There was no denying it.

First of all, his local supermarket phoned first thing in the morning to say he’d won the sparkling sports car because he was the lucky one who had purchased the secretly marked can of baked beans. He could pick the car up any time from town. It was a fabulous car. It could go from 0 to 110 in 10 seconds. What a lucky day! He would pick the car up after work.

His wife was so excited that she foolishly said he could have a dog. He’d always wanted a dog, and his wife had bickered about it for two years. Now she had excitedly relented. He knew exactly the breed of dog he wanted. It would be a Groenendael. In fact there was a breeder of Groenendaels quite local. He phoned. There was a puppy available! What a lucky lucky day! He would pick it up after work. The car first, and then the puppy.

When he arrived at work, his boss told him he’d got a promotion and a pay rise. A hefty one. Oh lucky lucky lucky day! Oh joy! Oh rapture! Oh lucky day!

After work he picked up his new car. The excitement! Then on the way to get his puppy, he ran into a power pole and was killed.