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1405. Cold water

Eight year old Annie wanted to go to Disneyland but her mother said she couldn’t afford it. Annie came up with an idea. It was a hot day. She would sell cold water at the gate.

The water wasn’t really that cold. It had been in the fridge only for a little while. Annie made a sign:

COLD WATER 5 sents Help me get to Dinseyland

All sorts of kind people passing by purchased a drink of water. Some even paid more than the five cents. By the middle of the afternoon, Annie had collected seven dollars fifteen. Then a bossy lady turned up:

“You want to get to Disneyland? I’ll get you to Disneyland. Where’s your licence to sell water? I’m phoning the police.”

The bossy lady phoned the police and a policeman turned up and made Annie shut down her business. But the reporters were there too from the local television station. The bossy lady had phoned them as well.

By sundown an outraged millionaire had paid for Annie’s entire family to go to Disneyland.