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2246. Out on a limb

Julie was generous to a fault. She was forever helping out others, usually working with her church’s Friend-In-Need Committee. Her confinement in a wheelchair didn’t stop her; after all, the church had a wheelchair ramp which Julie herself had paid for.

Julie had only one leg and one arm. “It makes me appreciate how useful a hand is,” said Julie. “I used to take things like that for granted. Not so any more.”

Ironically the loss of her two limbs had resulted from the very generosity for which she was renowned. Someone had said in a church committee meeting that Julie would give an arm and a leg to help out, and she did. Generous to a fault indeed!

And now a new emergency had cropped up. Julie was there to help instantly. “Did they want a hand?”

2172. Amputation

It took some convincing but Angelina finally consented to have her leg amputated. The doctor had said “Leave it on and you die; cut it off and you live”. So after much thought, and quite a bit of almost unbearable pain, Angelina gave her consent.

It was just a shame they cut off the wrong leg.