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1325. Decisions decisions

Transport yourself to a tropical island. Feel the warmth of the golden sands as you move towards the blue of the ocean; the palm trees swaying, as if beckoning you to enjoy the coolness of the gentle surf.

Linger in the ancient caves of bygone years. Smell the clear waters of underground streams. Hear the gentle flowing of soft waterfalls in the primeval limestone landscape.

Feel the call of the snow-capped mountains, the mountain streams, the mountain forest. It is the call of the wild. The primeval desire to belong.

Only the full moon can dull the stars. See the sparkling of the Milky Way strewn across the night sky. Hear the lone call of a distant night creature. Bask in the balm of midsummer night of peace and adventure.

Yes! Marlene thought she would buy the Merlot. Definitely the Merlot.