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600. 600th anniversary adventure

© Bruce Goodman 2 June 2015

I have racked my brain as to how best celebrate the 600th story on the 600th consecutive day. Occasionally, on some such anniversary I have gone a little personal, a little autobiographical.

Today then, to celebrate, I thought a presentation would be nice as to how I fill in my spare time. How to fill in the hours, the days, the weeks, the months… What fun-filled activities do I manage to squeeze into my busy schedule between waking and nodding off at breakfast? Here is something that most, possibly, have tried. I still try. I find it saves on buying expensive indoor plants.

1. Take one sweet potato (in New Zealand we call it a kumara, but that’s because we steal our words from all over the show) and put it half in water. I use the purple sweet potato. I have not tried any of the other varieties of sweet potato. Place the kumara upright in a vase or dish. I pack pretty stones around it to keep it upright. Put it in a dark cupboard until it begins to sprout (like for a week or two).

2. This is not all I do. Oh no! I get my camera and photograph it. In fact, I’m an expert at time-lapse photography. I press the camera button once every two or three weeks. I know it might sound a bit slow, but I’m not that technical.

3. So here is the result! I’m glad to have had the company of those who walked with me for all or at some stage during the 600 story days. The experience has sprouted and sprawled like a sweet potato. Some shoots die; some thrive. Sometimes it grows out of control; sometimes it’s root-bound and stifled. Sometimes it’s pretty; sometimes it’s not. But which ever way it grows, it has always been an adventure for which I am grateful!

That’s the story. Thank you!

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