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2175. Long flight

Edwina’s mother lived a sixteen-hour flight away. These days her mother was doing poorly. Edwina’s husband, Frazer, insisted that Edwina fly to see her mother. Edwina hated flying, but she agreed.

Frazer and Edwina lived way in the country. The airport was a good four-hour drive. Couple that with the sixteen hour flight and it was going to be a long day.

Edwina drove the car. It required a bit of movement as opposed to sitting in the passenger seat doing nothing. She would have enough of doing nothing on the plane.

They arrived at the airport. The plane was boarded. The plane took off.

The long flight was both boring and uneventful.

Upon arrival, Edwina collected her belongings. It was then she discovered the car keys in her pocket.