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1166. Worries

Vernon was a worrier. Every night he lay in bed, wide awake, and worried.

He worried as to what he would do if his wife died. Would he cope on his own? Would he sell the house and move to something smaller? Would he…?

He worried that his pet canary might escape its cage and fly into the world outside. What would it eat? Would it sing in the trees? It would get cold and probably die in a couple of days. Poor thing. Oh the poor thing..

What if he died before his wife? Would she be alright? What if the car broke down after he’d died? He should really make arrangements to join some Automobile Association so his widowed wife could simple phone up and say “Help!”

What if his dog barked too loud and the neighbours phoned the city’s Animal Control people and they came and took the dog away. It would be so lonely. It would whimper. It would be awful; just awful. People can be so cruel.

What if there was a knock on the door in the middle of the night and it was the police saying that one of the kids had been killed in a car crash? These things happen, and regularly.

What if North Korea dropped a bomb? What if he lost his job? What if? What if?

And tonight was the worst of all. The bed was hard. His every joint ached. Not a wink of sleep all night. He was glad when morning came. He had tossed and turned and worried in case he was getting some sort of alzheimer’s. He couldn’t remember what he was worried about.

618. To bed! To bed!

© Bruce Goodman 20 June 2015


Finn had gone to bed early. Tomorrow morning he needed to rise at 5.00 am to catch a bus.

And so it was “to bed, to bed, you sleepy head” at 9 pm.

Finn woke at 1.30 am. He wasn’t the slightest bit tired. But he had to sleep. He had to sleep. He tossed and turned. He turned again. It was now 2.45 am.

He visited the bathroom. He straightened the bed sheets and blankets. He lay there. It was now 3.25 am. He re-arranged his pillow.

He could see the time in the dark on the digital clock. How slowly the minute numbers changed. Perhaps if he read a bit from his book. It was now 4.14 am.

He read for five minutes and turned out the light. He had to sleep. He had to sleep. Only ten minutes now before 5 am. Then he could get up. What a relief that will be.

Only five minutes left!

Only two minutes!

Thank goodness! It’s…