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1249. Unsterilized syringes

A while back, in fact quite some time ago, say in the late 1800s, doctors didn’t worry too much about sterilizing hypodermic syringes between patients. Diseases were passed from one patient to the other. The woman with tuberculosis was injected with stuff using the same needle that had just been pulled out of someone else’s bum cheek to treat something else. It was a disaster. Lots of people died.

And that’s probably why there are so few of them alive today.

976. Flu injection


Dennis was a colourful character. Not self-opinionated; more enthusiastic about his opinions. He stuck to his guns more for entertainment value than from conviction. At least that’s what people thought.

One of his great hang-ups was the annual flu injection. You watch; it makes people sick! They get the flu jab and feel ill for days. And what good does it do? People go down with the flu anyway.

Dennis refused to get vaccinated. For the funeral his wife suggests we all wear something colourful.

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