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581. Beverley does the hula

© Bruce Goodman 14 May 2015


Beverley had a major role in the local repertory society’s annual comedy production. She was to be the head Amazon; a warrior princess. She was to wear a grass skirt and do the hula. Beverley practised wiggling her hips like they do in Hawai’i. She found it difficult.

There was no other solution. She looked in the phone book and not a single hula dance teacher was in sight. Taking the plunge she dialled a number next to the name of Aloha Ekewaka. It looked Hawai’ian enough. And Beverley was bang on! It was Hawai’ian! And yes! She would teach Beverley the hula.

What progress was made! And what a hit in the production Beverley was. Drums banging. Grass skirts swishing. Hips moving. Beverley the Amazon pulsating, calling effervescent-whoops back and forth and in and out again. She got a standing ovation!

Two weeks late Beverley eloped with Aloha Ekewaka’s husband.