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2635. Felicitous dream

Felicity explained to her friends at school how she had a dream. She dreamt that she went to the local hotel and blocked all the doors and windows so that no one could get in and no one could get out.

Then she went home and went to bed and her father appeared in a dream and said “Felicity, unblock the blocked doors and windows of the hotel so that everyone can go in and out once again.” And Felicity said “Thanks Dad” and went and unblocked the hotel.

After she had unblocked the hotel she went home and went to bed and dreamed that everyone who had been blocked at the hotel came and thanked her for unblocking the hotel and some of them even gave her presents. One person gave her money and said, “That is for unblocking the hotel because I needed to catch the bus.”

So she had had a dream on top of a dream on top of a dream. She dreamt that she dreamed that she dreamed that she dreamed.

As Japonica, Felicity’s friend said: “It must have felt very unreal.”

2302. Room 349

When I arrived back at the hotel after a wonderful day seeing the sights of the city and having a delightful lunch at the wharf, there was a note for me at Reception.  The note asked that upon my return would I kindly go to Room 349. I asked Reception who was in Room 349 and they answered that such information was confidential.

I didn’t know anyone in this city as far as I knew. Nor did I know of anyone who might be making a visit at the same time as me. I was rather hesitant to knock upon some strange door, in fact I was a little scared, and so I went back to my own room. I showered and thought about where to go for dinner. The whole message worried me. What if it was someone who needed my help? What if it was the chance of a life time? Perhaps I should go… I would think about it after I had dined.

I was a little reluctant to dine in the hotel’s restaurant just in case the person in Room 349 came in and accosted me or something. I would be constantly looking to see if I recognized any one. So I decided to go to The Fisherman’s Table where I had a delightful dish of lobster.

It was getting on for eight o’clock when I returned to the hotel. There were police everywhere. I was arrested. As far as they knew I was the last person to have been to Room 349 where the occupant had been murdered. I explained to the cops everything I have already told you. I hadn’t been to Room 349.

Well, well, well, said the policeman. They had searched my room and found blood-stained clothes that fitted the description Reception had said I was wearing when I returned earlier.

I knew I should have not left the clothes there. And, said the policeman, the clothes have your fiancée’s blood on them.

1778. A wallow in luxury

Charles was sent by his boss on an important mission. He would get paid extra, but the negotiations were going to be tough. Imagine getting paid to pamper oneself in a luxurious hotel in Dubai! Spas! Food! Wine! Swimming pool! What a shame it was, thought Charles even before he left for Dubai, that the negotiations would never succeed!

Of course he would stay in the hotel and take advantage of every luxury. The negotiations could go to hell. He was in it for the enjoyment, provided he played his cards right. He had clawed his way up, not without effort, to be number two in the company. Life was a breeze. The boss was weak and ineffective. Charles would take over the company management soon enough.

And play his cards right in Dubai he did! Twice the boss had phoned and twice Charles assured him that things were “tough”. The third time the boss phoned, Charles was wallowing in a luxury soapy bath. The phone slipped through his hand into the soapy suds.

“We seemed to have been cut off,” said Charles later.

“No we didn’t,” said the boss, who had been suspicious of Charles for a time. “I was in the room next door.”

1011. Travel


We have a fairly healthy bank balance, which means we can travel as a couple overseas on a fairly regular basis. It is so enriching to experience other cultures around the world.

We always stay with the Aloha Hotel chain. They are in thirty seven countries, which is more than enough to satisfy our desire for travel. The hotels are always comfortable with rooms that almost always have splendid views. Every hotel has a spa and luxurious swimming pools. The food in the hotel restaurants cannot be faulted, and they certainly know how to mix their drinks.

Last year, when we were in San Antonio, I thought I would test their skills by asking for a Blue Margarita. They didn’t blink an eye. A Blue Margarita arrived within seconds complete with a slice of lemon shaped like a cowboy hat!

In Thailand I asked for a Mimosa. Again, without as much as a pause, the waiter (those Asian waiters can be so disarming) arrived with a Mimosa cocktail but with a sprig of lemongrass rather than the zest of a real lemon. Such a nice ethnic touch!

In Germany, Bavaria to be more exact, everyone was drinking beer out of some sort of Toby mugs, but I ordered a Flirtini. It arrived in a flash, complete with vodka, apricot liqueur, cranberry juice, pineapple juice, and champagne. Instead of the customary strawberry however, there was a little yellow berry of some sort which apparently is native to the region.

As I say, it is so enriching to travel and to experience the difference of each country and culture. And there is always, with the Aloha Hotel Chain, the advantage of never having to leave the hotel.