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1804. Hilarious

It was hilarious! Old Farmer Cedric was a fanatical gardener. He’d gardened for years on the same plot of land next to his house. If the truth be known, it wasn’t his land. The land belonged to the Town Council. It had been put aside for a park, but as the years went by everyone forgot it was meant to be made into a park. At least Old Farmer Cedric’s garden kept the place tidy.

No one knew exactly what he did for a living. He was out in his garden most days so the presumption was that he didn’t have a job. In fact, the presumption was that he didn’t need a job. Some people are like that. They have money coming out their ears.

Old Farmer Cedric always collected his own seeds. He would sort them into little jars. There were seeds of all sorts of vegetables and all sorts of flowers. He was so proud of his seeds. He would bring them all out on trays and place the trays on the ground as if they were a museum display. He would do that even if he was going to use just the one variety.

One year a wag – it was so hilarious – replaced some of the seeds when Old Farmer Cedric wasn’t looking. The wag took out the real seeds and replaced them with some weed seeds! Everyone waited to see what would spring up. And all he got that year was weeds. It was hysterical.

That was the year the church didn’t get any flowers at Easter and Old Farmer Cedric’s family had nothing to eat.

941. Hilarious


Thomas wrote a poem for school. His mother thought it was hilarious. She posted it on line. People said it was hilarious. Everyone said it was hilarious. Thomas’ teacher thought it was hilarious. His classmates thought it was hilarious.

“This is hilarious,” wrote Genevieve on Facebook.

But Cameron didn’t find it funny at all. “I can’t see why people think this is hilarious,” wrote Cameron on the school’s webpage.

And actually, Cameron was the only one who was right. The poem wasn’t hilarious at all actually. In fact actually, it sucked. It was actually hilarious the way everyone thought it was hilarious when it wasn’t hilarious. Hilarious actually!

Cameron’s mother thought it was actually hilarious like. People said Cameron’s comment was actually like hilarious. Everyone said it was like hilarious actually. Actually Cameron’s teacher like thought it was actually hilarious like actually. His like classmates like thought it actually was hilarious.

“This is actually hilarious like gross,” wrote Genevieve on Facebook.

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