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2219. Keeping warm

Anita’s husband, Creswell, had said it was probably best not to light the fire until they got the chimney cleaned. It would be a tragedy if the house caught on fire.

“Use the gas heater. It’ll take the chill out even if it smells the house out a bit.”

Anita and Creswell had budget worries. Groceries, electricity, and running the car were priorities. Getting a chimney cleaner was a little too expensive at present, even though Creswell worked. Anita didn’t have a job, and in the current economic climate two jobs had become necessary to pay for day to day living.

So off to work Creswell went! Anita lit the fire. It will be out by the time Creswell gets back from work, and then she can turn the heater on like it had been going all day.

She was lucky to get out of the house alive.