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1764. Giggling Gerties

The concept of spending a considerable amount of time with these people was driving Barney batty. They were a giggling bunch of pre-adolescent zombies. Giggle giggle giggle. Barney half thought he had wasted his life; he should’ve become a comedian instead of a chartered accountant.

Giggle giggle giggle. Would they never stop? In the end, they were taken away by an “Assistant” to somewhere else; one could hardly say they went away on their own accord.

But what’s this? Another gaggle of Giggling Gerties escorted into the waiting room. Giggle giggle giggle. Barney wanted to scream. Off they go now, to wherever! Giggle giggle giggle.

It took a while for Barney to realize where he was; he had died and was in the waiting room before entering an eternal dimension. The Giggling Gerties were being taken off to Heaven. As the assistant who seemed to be overseeing the whole affair said to Barney: “Things are a bit overcrowded at present, so we’re keeping you here in the waiting room until we manage to finish expanding the boundaries of Hell.”

Poem 58: There is no guile in your smile

There is no guile in your smile
Your eyes portray your love
No trace of malice on your face
Your voice a soft-songed dove

There is no guile in your smile
Your arms are all encasing
Your warmth as if a summer’s day
Your love is all embracing

There is no guile in your smile
Your giggle, tinkling bells
Your touch as tender as the breeze
Your movement…


There is no guile in your smile
As you plunge a carving knife ruthlessly into my chest.

THAT, I hear you say, is for not meaning a word of it.

To hear the poem read aloud click HERE.