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1355. Noreen’s secret

Noreen was eighty-seven. She had always jokingly told her daughter that once she started to wet the bed, she should be put into geriatric care. Well, she wet the bed.

It was starting to become a regular occurrence.

“When are you coming to stay for a few days with us and the grandkids like you always used to?” asked Noreen’s daughter.

“I’m just getting a bit too old for it,” said Noreen. “And I find that grandchildren these days can get too boisterous.”

“Is everything okay?” asked Noreen’s daughter.

“Everything’s fine. Of course it is,” said Noreen.

Several months later Noreen died; in fact a week after her eighty-eighth birthday. Noreen’s children descended upon her house to clean it up. Noreen’s secret was out.