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1681. Felicity’s daughter’s fiancé

When Felicity’s daughter’s fiancé choked to death on a ham sandwich Felicity was somewhat relieved, to put it mildly.

Felicity’s daughter, Adriana, had been engaged to Desmond for just over a year, and Felicity disapproved. Not that she showed it of course, but Desmond’s fatal choking came as a disguised gift from the gods. It’s not that there was anything wrong with Desmond; he was a nice enough person, but it was his family that was cause for concern. Desmond’s twin brother, Russell, was a gang member and was known to live an exceedingly seedy life. “Slime Ball” Felicity called him; and when two eggs hatch in the same nest don’t expect the fledglings to be much different from one another.

Felicity attended Desmond’s funeral and shed the appropriate tear; mainly because she felt sorry for Adriana. But her heart was singing. That was over six months ago. So it was pretty distressing yesterday when Adriana came home and announced she was moving in with Slime Ball, the seedy gang member.

276. Dog’s boy


“Dog” was the leader of a notorious motorcycle gang, Satanic Wheels. When Dog’s girlfriend had a baby he went off to register it. Why he was suddenly law-abiding was anyone’s guess. Babies can do that.

“The kid’s called Lucifer,” said Dog.

“I’m sorry,” said the Registrar, “but Lucifer is one of the names not allowed by law.”

“Fuck the law,” said Dog. “I want it called Lucifer.”

“You can’t,” said the Registrar.

“It’s called Lucifer whether you like it or not,” said Dog, storming out.

Not long after, Dog was shot dead in a gang fight. His girlfriend fled with the baby to another city. She lived with her parents, hidden in a suburban street somewhere.

The baby was known as Lucy, for short. He grew up into one of those “fucking faggots” his father so hated.