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2429.  Saved!

It had been ten years since Cosmos started her novel and now the moment of completion had arrived! Cosmos poured herself a wine and sat staring at her computer screen. Satisfaction! So much water under the bridge in those last ten years, but now, such a wonderful feeling of completeness.

Her marriage had broken up in that time. The ex-husband thought she was nuts writing a novel and it was taking up more and more of her time. They drifted apart, and then they drifted away. It was for the best. The kids had grown up and left the nest. The rent had gone up. The price of groceries had rocketed. Cosmos had three different jobs over those ten years.

There were little things too that had changed. Her eye sight had dimmed. She now needed reading glasses. She had developed an allergy to walnuts. The old car needed its muffler fixed. But now the novel was complete! These little day to day things could demand her full attention. But first an early bed was in order. She would go to bed and read! But where were her reading glasses?

Cosmos pressed the save button one last time. Saved! Yes or no? Yes! “I don’t know how many times that novel has been saved over the last ten years,” thought Cosmos. Another wine! Just another one final satisfying save of the novel! She retired.

The first thing Cosmos did in the morning was to check on her completed novel. She had formatted the hard drive.