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2323. Fluke of a lifetime

There was no double that Mrs Bronwyn Madgwick was rich. Everyone knew it. Everyone presumed she had got her fortune from her late husband. In fact it was the other way around.

Out of the blue an advertisement appeared in the local paper, signed Mrs Bronwyn Madgwick. “I have been diagnosed with terminal cancer.  I would very much like to give away my eight acre property and six bedroom house to a person at random. Next Thursday a little bright red car will frequent the streets of the town. The driver will pick someone at random, follow them, and when they arrive at their destination they will be announced the lucky winner. If you wish to take part put a sign on the back window of your vehicle that says I’M IN.”

What a flurry it caused! What a rigmarole! What city streets jam-packed with hopeful drivers! Mrs Myrtle McKenzie declared that “most people would hardly appreciate such an expansive property nor would they need six bedrooms. But I would certainly appreciate it.” Unfortunately she was destined not to win.

Donald Tremain was driving along to get home, when he noticed a little bright red car following him. Donald turned down Woodstock Street and the car followed. He turned down Woodward Avenue and the red car also turned. Only two more turns to make! “This is unbelievable!” thought Donald.

Donald turned down Wicker Lane and the little bright red car followed. Donald drove carefully; not too fast and not too slow. He indicated a right turn into the driveway of his expansive abode. He turned! The little bright red car went straight passed.