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2201. Great Uncle Frederick’s legacy

Grover was looking forward to his great uncle dying. Great Uncle Frederick had amassed a stupendous fortune over his eighty-two years of living alone. Surely the nieces and nephews were in for a windfall.

News had come through that Great Uncle Frederick had come down with the flu. This was Grover’s opportunity to show his concern. It might be the last opportunity Grover would have to expresses his interest and care to Great Uncle Frederick. Some of the other nieces and nephews could be omitted from the will because Great Uncle Frederick’s memory was inevitably fading. It was not to be the case with Grover. Grover would remind him.

Sadly, Great Uncle Frederick recovered. There was no fortune coming Grover’s way this time, although Great Uncle Frederick did give Grover the flu.

May Grover rest in peace.

976. Flu injection


Dennis was a colourful character. Not self-opinionated; more enthusiastic about his opinions. He stuck to his guns more for entertainment value than from conviction. At least that’s what people thought.

One of his great hang-ups was the annual flu injection. You watch; it makes people sick! They get the flu jab and feel ill for days. And what good does it do? People go down with the flu anyway.

Dennis refused to get vaccinated. For the funeral his wife suggests we all wear something colourful.

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785. Worn to a frazzle


It had been three weeks of being worn to a frazzle for Joan. First, her husband got the flu, then her son, then her daughter. They all had to be looked after. She could leave them at home while she went to work, but they weren’t overly capable of doing much other than staying in bed.

At last they were on the road to recovery. He husband was back at work. Her son and daughter were back at school.

“I’m having a day off work,” thought Joan. And she did! She phoned up and said she thought she was coming down with the flu. She slept in. She had the house to herself. She made a nice cup of coffee, sat in the armchair, and began to go through whatever was on TV.

She dozed a bit midmorning. She woke with a raging throat and runny nose.

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