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2524. Fitness talkback

Well, Listeners, today’s talkback show is to do with staying healthy and fit. Our guest is the embodiment of fitness and health without going over the top. We’ll talk about how simple actions that we do in daily life can enhance ones health. It doesn’t have to be much to be effective.

We are awaiting the arrival of Autumn. I don’t mean the season although there’s that too! No, we await the arrival of Autumn Wasiukieivicz, today’s guest.

I don’t want to cover too many of the everyday hints that Autumn will reflect upon, but to give an example. If you’re right-handed always open the door with your left hand, and vice versa. It strengthens a limb that is not used as much as the other and it heightens co-ordination. I know that it is a practice sometimes suggested by drum teachers to enhance a student’s ability to use both arms.

There are many other little things such as this which Autumn will tell you about, and before you know it you’ll be as fit as a fiddle without having to don sweaty clothing. Of course, Autumn is a wonder. She is at the peak of condition. She also represented her region in the annual National Acrobatics Festival.

Taking health and fitness seriously can prolong your life no end, and makes for a happier more content life…

We’ve just received a message that Autumn cannot make it. Apparently she is at the hospital. She was reaching for the door handle with her left hand when someone coming the other way opened the door and knocked her out flat.

2502. Personal trainer

I enjoy my job as a personal trainer. Sometimes however I get the feeling that this particular client I’m with now – Monica is her name – has hired me for two one hour sessions a week because she’s heading for fifty and I’m young, handsome, and muscular.

Push! Push! You can do it Monica!

Push-ups would be the bane of most body trainers. Personally I try to do 500 push-ups a day. Most of them I do while accompanying clients. If I don’t get to exercise myself I get flabby pretty fast and it doesn’t have the same sex appeal so you don’t get employed.

Good on you, Monica! You can do it if you put your mind to it!

Of course this woman – Monica – is completely out of shape. She’s shaped like a pile of you-know-what. She couldn’t walk to the door without getting puffed. Still, she pays well, which is all I care about.

Up and down! Up and down! Come on Monica!

Cor blimey – she’s useless.

Come on Monica! Up and down! OK, that’s good. Now let’s try the other eyelid.

1066. Daily run

Ramon was going for his daily run around the Blue Mountains Road when he got the side stitch. He stopped for a little rest and recovery.

The view from the Blue Mountains Road was wonderful. The road wound around sharp corners, with beauteous cliff faces and plummeting crevices. The view went for miles. It was a good road to use for a run because it was scenic, and there was very little traffic.

Suddenly, a van came around the corner. The driver had attempted to take the curve too fast. The van went over the edge of the road and began tumbling down the mountain. Its roll was stopped by a large knotted tree.

Without thinking, Ramon raced down the steep hill. He reached the van. Several passengers were seriously injured. He was able to call for help. The recue people arrived, and all nine passengers were taken to hospital. It was a wonder there was no fatality.

Ramon thanked his lucky stars. There was no doubt that getting the stitch in time saved nine.