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1681. Felicity’s daughter’s fiancé

When Felicity’s daughter’s fiancé choked to death on a ham sandwich Felicity was somewhat relieved, to put it mildly.

Felicity’s daughter, Adriana, had been engaged to Desmond for just over a year, and Felicity disapproved. Not that she showed it of course, but Desmond’s fatal choking came as a disguised gift from the gods. It’s not that there was anything wrong with Desmond; he was a nice enough person, but it was his family that was cause for concern. Desmond’s twin brother, Russell, was a gang member and was known to live an exceedingly seedy life. “Slime Ball” Felicity called him; and when two eggs hatch in the same nest don’t expect the fledglings to be much different from one another.

Felicity attended Desmond’s funeral and shed the appropriate tear; mainly because she felt sorry for Adriana. But her heart was singing. That was over six months ago. So it was pretty distressing yesterday when Adriana came home and announced she was moving in with Slime Ball, the seedy gang member.

1450. The wedding’s off

Sian was in the foulest of moods. She had been asked to be matron-of-honour at her best friend’s wedding. Of course she said “yes!” Sian and Delia had been friends since way back. It was not at all surprising that Delia had asked Sian to be matron-of-honour. This was Delia’s second marriage. Sian had been bridesmaid at the first.

Sian and Delia had spent hours and hours selecting the dress for Sian to wear. Sian said she would pay for it. It was part of her wedding gift. And shoes to match the dress! And now the wedding wasn’t going to happen.

Sian was spitting tacks. After all that money she had spent on the dress and shoes. They weren’t exactly items of clothing that could be thrown on before one popped down to the local store to buy a tin of sweetened condensed milk. And Sian had arranged to have her hair done. And her nails. And now the wedding was off.

Did I mention the deposit on the horse and carriage? The bride was to arrive and leave the cathedral in a horse and carriage and Sian had made the booking. Do you think they would give the deposit back?

It was all money down the drain. And what will she do with the expensive wedding cake that was already made, iced, collected, and paid for? Sian was simply trying to do the best for her friend by organizing all these wedding things, and paying for most of them at the time even though she would get paid back later. And now the wedding was off.

What was she meant to do with the expensive cufflinks she had bought for the groom and best man to wear. Money, money, money squandered on a ridiculous non-event.

Why Delia’s fiancé had to drop dead two days before the wedding was anyone’s guess.

1447. The engagement photo

Yes, this is a photo of me and my fiancé. We never married of course. We were engaged for just a short time. Our marriage was arranged, as indeed they were for many back then. Arranged marriages seemed to work well enough. You’d fall in love over time without usually having to spend energy on the lovey-dovey stage.

Hector and I had met just the twice, and he was to visit me again. In those days it took two days to travel from where he lived to my village. He had to catch a number of trains and a ferry. And arrive he did! I had spent all day perfecting my looks and hair. It wasn’t so much vanity, as nerves. One strives to look as elegant as possible for these pre-arranged liaisons.

Hector and I walked to the village hall where the dance was to be held. He was very handsome, and so very courteous and polite. As soon as we walked in the hall he said, “Whose that?” and I said “That’s Mabel Hussleworth. She’s engaged to Anton Gorinski.”

The announcement of her engagement didn’t seem to register. He danced with Mabel all night, and I, a wall flower for but a short time, danced the rest of the night away with Mabel’s fiancé, Anton. In fact, we have danced the rest of our lives away, and coming next Friday we will have been married for thirty-nine years.

Mabel and Hector tied the knot as well. I’ve kept the engagement photograph of me and Hector as a reminder of how lucky I was to have escaped getting married to a serial wife basher. Mabel I believe is in a wheelchair, and he murdered his second wife.