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Poem 93: Yet another poem about a dead cat

My cat woke me at four each morning.
She would jump on the bed and claw the pillow
right next to my eyes.
I would wake, fearful for my sight.
Would I never again see the day slip over the hill?
Would I never again see the moon slip over the hill
or the barley field wave in the wind?
Perhaps by patting the cat I could doze a little longer.
Bloody cat.

Fourteen years ago,
on a night I could not sleep,
I rose from bed at four and fed the cat.
Breakfast at four became her rite, her right.
Bloody cat.

Last year she was sick.
The veterinarian said
“That’ll be one hundred and thirty dollars please.”
I gave up wine and stuff for a month to pay for it.
That bloody cat was more of a nuisance than I ever imagined.

Last week she died.
If she came back I’d let her scratch out my eyes.

703. Clarinda’s feline fixation


Clarinda’s dream came true. She had always loved animals, especially cats. Now, after several applications, she got a job working at the SPCA.

Thank goodness she had. They were short staffed. They were suddenly inundated with stray cats. Clarinda’s day was a joy! Cats of every shape and size and colour and personality!

Three or four stray cats came in every day. In fact, the SPCA’s cat intake matched exactly the number of reported missing cats.

Clarinda was busy, busy, busy. “Here Puss Puss Puss Puss!” called Clarinda in the evenings as she walked the streets of her neighbourhood.