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1004. Across the road


The lady across the road is going to have a baby. I know she’s going to have a baby even though it doesn’t show. I always reckon you can tell by the radiance in a face.

I suppose it’s a little bit scandalous – well, it’s not really scandalous these days. These days anything goes, but in the old days it would’ve been scandalous. She’s not married. In fact, she’s not even living with her boyfriend – if she has one. She lives on her own. It is one of those cases where she wanted to have a baby and be a solo mother. So, she’s having this baby. As I said, anything goes these days.

These days it’s too expensive to have a baby, so I’m not sure how she thinks she’s going to manage. Being on her own without a regular income and trying to bring up a baby looks like foolhardiness to me.

Only this afternoon I waved at her across the road, and she waved back. And I said, “How are you going to pay for everything now that you’ve given up your job?” And she said, “As far as I’m concerned the father will be doing the paying.”

I told her straight, it was her decision to go solo. She won’t be getting a penny out of me.