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2496. Earth’s cosmological contribution

Good Smakin Darit Ingtincton Comrades.

Thank you for inviting my crew and me this Smakin Darit Ingtincton to speak to you. As you know we have just finished a 472-year cruise of liveable planets within our own galaxy. Of course we didn’t visit them all, but we did manage to visit over 400 places during the course of the trip.

Being almost a billion years more advanced than many of them there was little we could learn from most. On Planet Stackton we learnt a solution to the problem we’ve always had here of debris collecting on our stella-panels. Of course the Stacktonians like us are a long-evolving, highly developed planet, so we were not surprised to find something we didn’t know.

Perhaps the most stunning discovery was on Planet Earth. They are a very young planet where intelligent activity has been evolving to a relatively low degree over a mere several million years. There we found they had a contraption that absolutely stunned us. It’s such a simple concept and so obvious. I guess we were more amazed at our own lack of invention in the matter rather than in the creative Earthling invention itself.

We brought several examples with us in order to show the variety of design that is possible, and we shall be passing them on to our scientific experts so they can use these artefacts as a sort of blue print.

What are they, you might ask? Naturally we don’t have names for them as yet, so we refer to them in backward Earth terms. They call them salt and pepper shakers.

852. The evolutionary track


Hudson was a mutation. He was the next step in the evolutionary ladder. His genes could change the direction of humanity.

He could make himself invisible.
He could run faster than any before.
He could decipher languages as if they were nursery rhymes.
He could solve a complex mathematical problem in the blink of an eye.
He could turn his x-ray vision on and off.
He could sniff the air like a dog and determine the whereabouts of a lost person or thing.
He was unbelievably handsome.

There were countless other things he could do. Some called him a freak, but he wasn’t; he was in a class of his own.

Unfortunately, he couldn’t make babies.

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