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1672. Vicky’s day

Vicky decided to walk to the shops because all she needed was some tomato sauce and a potato. If she wasn’t walking she would buy a bag of potatoes, but it was such a lovely day that she decided to walk and not have to carry home a heavy bag of potatoes. She would simply get the one potato for her dinner and then tomorrow she could take the car and then she would get a whole bag of potatoes. Not too big a bag of potatoes of course because it doesn’t take that long before they start sprouting, and since she lived alone she didn’t actually needed a very big bag. Of course, she also varied her diet with pasta and rice and couscous and various noodles. It’s not as if she had a potato every day, but on this particular day she was peeling and boiling a potato to go with coleslaw and a sausage (which is why she needed to get some tomato sauce).

When she returned from the shop she started preparing dinner right away. After all, it was time for the daily news on television, and she could see the television screen from the kitchen bench. Dear me, there is such tragedy in the world these days, and the poor people on the street were almost enough to make one feel guilty about having a sausage.

Since it was Wednesday, after the television news came a program on Nature. Vicky loved to watch it. It was always most interesting and she would (only once a week mind you, usually she would sit at the dining table) eat her evening meal in the armchair in front of the television.

The next day Vicky got a phone call from her sister saying that she (Victoria) should find a few interests and not mope around doing hardly anything. Vicky said that her sister was probably right. She would do something about it. But first, since the day was so sunny and lovely, she would walk to the shops and get a potato to go with her sausage for dinner. (Sausages come in packets of six and she didn’t want to waste them). This time she would have a bit of variety by mashing the potato.

1622. A study in ennui

It certainly produces ennui when stuck inside on a rainy day. In fact, Syd had stayed in bed with the curtains drawn. The only thing that would happen if he got up would be to have breakfast before discovering that there was “nothing to do”. He wasn’t allowed much time on his phone, he wasn’t allowed much time watching videos, he wasn’t allowed much time on his computer, he wasn’t allowed much time doing sweet nothing. And now his parents were telling him to “go look for a summer job during the holiday time.” His parents sucked. The world sucked. It was hosing down outside. He might as well stay in bed. So he did.

When his father came home around one in the afternoon he went into Syd’s room and said “Get out of bed you lazy sod and do something useful.” Syd saw red and leapt out of bed and he and his father had a shouting match. Syd threw on some clothes and stormed out of the house.

What Syd’s father then said to Syd’s mother shouldn’t necessarily appear here unedited. But he swore that their next two sons would have their teenage years circumvented and they’d go from age eleven to twenty-two in one go. It’s a wonder the falling rain outside didn’t steam and hiss and evaporate once it hit the roof of the Maddock household. Syd’s father mowed the lawn in the rain he was so fed up to the back teeth. Then he tidied the garage. Then he fixed the broken cupboard door handle in the kitchen.

When dinner time came Syd came home and everything was normal.

A manifestation of ennui

Hello Everyone (i.e. my possibly two and a half readers)

I don’t know if this will work or not, or if you’d be interested… I thought it could be fun to have readers make suggestions for an opening sentence to a story. Then I would put a link back to your blog (if you have one) when I post the story.



Here are the first Sentences used thus far. For the sake of tidiness and ease of not getting muddled, comments below are “removed” once a suggestion has been used:

1. It was a dark and stormy night. Letters from Athens.
Story Here!
2. Monica didn’t know that her clock was ten minutes slow. Hello World.
Story Here!
3. It was the last thing he expected to see when he looked out the window. Alex Raphael.
Story Here!
4. When it comes to doors, they are either open or closed, and this one is definitely closed. The stories in between.
Story Here!
5. One more time, he stood up and walked to the window. One Grain Amongst the Storm.
Story Here!
6. The opening line was always the most difficult to write. chrisnelson61.
Story Here!
7. Jane’s biggest regret in life was that she’d never danced. nananoyz.
Story Here!
8. The esteemed and highly intelligent host limited them to one sentence each. Chelsea.
Story Here!
8. Jim Mackey was a real s.o.b., but that wasn’t what Rudy admired about him. Sarah Angleton.
Story Here!
9. She sighed deeply and wondered if this would ever stop. Itching for Hitching.
Story Here!
10. When he looked at the clown in his greens and reds, his raging coulrophilia kicked in. Fighting the dying light.
Story Here!
11. The problem was Gertrude didn’t know which glass contained the arsenic. An anonymous contributer.
Story Here!