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825. They were pleased with themselves


(This is based on a true incident)

There was no other thing for it. The isolated island was home to four of the few remaining takahe birds in the world. But the island population of pukeko had exploded. Both species of bird shared the same environmental conditions. Both were swamp dwellers. Pukeko were common. They had to be killed to give the takahe a chance. Besides, pukeko were everywhere on the mainland. There was no need to protect them. Only about 300 takahe remained in the world.

The Deerstalkers Association volunteered to cull the pukeko. A day was arranged. Seven hunters took to the island.

They returned to the mainland in the evening.

“We got them!” they said. They were pleased with themselves. For a while…

Can you tell the difference? Which is which?

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