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1829. The birthday gift

Dear Nora,

Thank you so much for the birthday gift. First of all I would like to say that the packaging, thank goodness, is recyclable. There’s nothing worse than getting a gift and the box it comes in is wrapped in plastic or even cellophane. I mean, what is one meant to do with it?

Yours was most thoughtfully wrapped, and the coconut fibres used as packing I can give to my garden worms that consume the few scraps I have.

I noticed that the stamps on the package weren’t fully cancel-marked by the Post Office, so I managed to steam two of them off to use again. However, once I had steamed them off I saw that possibly they had been licked, so I am going to put them in my recycle bin. Can you remember if you licked them? Thank goodness I was wearing rubber gloves before I even started with that.

The instruction booklet that came with your gift was printed on glossy paper. Really Nora! We no longer have to do things the way they were done ten years ago in the Dark Ages. What gets into manufacturers’ heads that makes them think they can print these days on glossy paper?

And the glue on the spine of the book! I know it’s an old book, but it comes from the days when glue was made using cows’ hoofs. I couldn’t bear to open it and be party to the cruel practices of our forebears. I suspect the book must have some value, but a book on bee-keeping is so insensitive. We imprison bees, in effect, and then steal the honey they make. It is a barbaric practice.

All in all, Nora, thank you once again for the recyclable packaging.

The other day, as President of the Green Party, I received a letter from the secretary of the Dyers’ Guild. In it he said that the colour green was the least biodegradable of all the dye colours, and that includes green printer’s ink. Green is a quite inappropriate colour for those who care about the health of our planet. I wrote back and said he must have better things to fill in his time than worry about non-biodegradable dyes and their environmental toxicity. Isn’t it funny how people get hung up on such unnecessary and insignificant little things?


1360. An ecological suggestion

Dear Editor

So there you have it! The first presidency of a woman as president has been completed. And what a marvellous “reign” it was!

There’s quite a groundswell to place her physiognomy on Mt Rushmore along with the other greats. And deservedly so!

I have a few misgivings, however. The shape of the terrain on the side of the mountain invites the carving (as well as a face) of voluptuous breasts. The just-finished president was flat chested. I really think we should wait to have a more buxom female president before rushing to carve further on Mt Rushmore. In this way we can preserve more of the landscape without desecrating Nature even further. I don’t want to be thought of as riding on the ecological bandwagon, but a full-figured presidential bosom might be the answer to one of the major modern-day concerns we liberal-minded progressives have.

Yours sincerely
(Name withheld – Editor)